About TheWorks

  • Czech or International Independent worker, micro-company, entrepeneur or startup?
  • Working in Software Development, Design, Advertizing, New Media, Photography or Film, Marketing, as a Writer, Consultant, in Legal/Finance or any other profession?
  • Just got to CZ, tired of working alone or with the 2 or 3 of you or getting distracted working @ home or a coffeeshop and think your productivity can be improved?

TheWorks provides you with the community and Coworking possibilities to work better… together.

  • Work more productive, creative and social, away from home and meet like-minded people during casual Coworking events (Jellies)
  • Get some fresh ideas or bounce your ideas around
  • Find others that have skills you don’t have yourself or options for new and international business development
  • Attend valuable presentations or maybe present a topic yourself

Interested? Read more about The Vision of The Works, watch the videos or read what people say about Casual Coworking (Jelly).

Interested in Coworking, maybe already work @ a Coworking Place or want to attend Casual Coworking Events (Jellies)?

twitter hashtag: #theworkscz

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