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PHP Backend Developer (Frameworks, Linux, ODM) - TechSoftware

Contact Petr Naceradsky
Phone: +420-728-416-212
Location : Prague, Czech Republic
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Looking for a person who has a passion and a drive to create high-performance, user-friendly web applications that scales in the cloud. You will have large influence on the technology / design / setup choices that are made.

With strong skills / interests in:

PHP 5.3+ (OOP is a must)


- PHP: Symfony, Zend, Yii etc...

- Javascript: JQuery, Mootools, other


- MySql, MongoDB, other

Linux (command line) knowledge is important.

Performance, Server maintenance, setup and configuration

API Design and integration

- Have at least 3-5 years of practical experience with most of the above technologies

- Be able to work independently and be able to take responsibility for your work.

- English

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