A TheWorks Jelly is a Casual Coworking event where likeminded people from any nationality or professional background get together in a suitable public place (e.g. a coffee shop or gallery) to work. That’s it.

During a Jelly we work ! It’s not just another networking event ! We put the ‘working‘ back into networking. :)

A Jelly is your chance to leave your home and pyjamas or your dull office to get a good day of work done in a different and inspiring environment next to or with other people with the same or totally different professions.

A typical Jelly is from 10 AM to around 5 or 6 PM and we share lunch, coffees and beers. During the day we typically organize one or two small talks / discussions by one of the attendees. It’s up to you if you present a topic or attend the discussion.

Keep an eye on the event calendar for the next Jelly !

An impression of a Jelly with some sociobowling after.

Impression of Jelly #5 on April 8th 2010 at Friends Coffee House

By now we had more than 50 different people attending one of the Casual Coworking Events (Jellies) organized so far. They have come, worked, met new people and have attended interesting talks.

This is how they experienced Coworking and Jellies:

Comment by Louise Kelleher
This was my first Jelly and I’ll definitely be back again. It was a great opportunity to chat informally, share experiences and bounce
ideas off people working in different areas. The presentations are also a great eye-opener. No better cure for cabin fever!

Comment by Francesco Castelli
I attended two Jellies so far and have to say that each of them was inspiring! Jellies are a great way to meet friendly people with an open mind and are perfect to share or discuss ideas, brainstorm and…have fun while working!
I also found the informal presentations a very effective way to bring up a topic of general interest and start a very productive discussion. Thanks Dave! Keep going!

Comment by Daniel Srb
I was at my first Jelly on 3/24. Despite having to leave before lunch I definitely enjoyed the event and will attend next one if possible
for a whole work day.
1) Overall feeling was positive.
2) Really good coffee and internet at Vypálené koťátko.
3) I was able to do some work and also had a few meetings at the bar.

Comment by Paul Wehle
Hey guys, the latest Jelly was fun. I was expecting more of a full-day-networking event and was a bit afraid not to get anything
else done. That had proven wrong, I felt it to be a really productive atmosphere; the common lunch and presentations gave a very good start to exchange experiences and learn from other people. Shame on me I could not make it for the beer afterwards but it won’t be the last Jelly :)  Thus: A great way to spend a working day

Comment by Wouter Bosch
Great work(s). Nice the way Dave is organizing this. Free and relaxed - working hard. Nice to meet you all. Next time I will be introducing - to interested people – intervision. It’s a form of two-way learning in which professionals can support each other in their development.

Comment by Jaromír Vicari
I attended three Jellies so far and every time enjoyed the coworking meetings. I enjoyed the friendly and productivity-oriented mood as well as the opportunity to meet new colleagues for potential collaboration. I’m definitely looking forward to the next Jelly! ;-)

Comment by Lukas Burkon
Jelly was also first for me and I’ve really enjoyed it :)  Especially the fresh and friendly atmosphere accented by cafeteria
mood helps freelancers to change their working environment, meet interesting people of different professions and discuss with them
common issues of everyday business life from various scopes.

Comment by Jeanne Trojan
Everyone has already said most of what I like about being part of the Works! A real benefit of Jellies for me is getting the chance to meet and learn from people who are passionate about what they do. Jelly people are different because of this, I think.
The international aspect is also a real attraction for me. How many nationalities did we have yesterday? I know I was the only American :)  Thank you, Dave, for introducing us to co-working and for continuing to organize interesting, important and fulfilling events. Looking forward to the next one!

Comment by Alex Graham
I really enjoyed the last Jelly, it was my first and was even better than my initial expectations. I had some great conversations with
quite a few people and even managed to remember names which is unusual for me.
Ultimately it highlights that relationships are best built face to face, which as a web developer is something that acts as a good
reminder to me, despite my high expectations of what the web can deliver.
I’d say the best parts for me are meeting friendly people in an informal atmosphere, being able to discuss issues that affect most/all
of us, while doing work their is a good fall back option too :)

Comment by Magda Tworkowska
Jelly makes sense for me, cause it combines work and social life in a very positive way. Great chance for connections, interactions
and exchanging experiences. Friendly people and lot of fun + work done – couldn’t experience it during working any full time job.

Comment by Aleh Filipovič
Last Thursday I attended Jelly for the first time and it was awesome experience. It is not only about meeting like-minded people from all over the world, it is also a chance to share ideas and best practices with professionals in various fields and find potential customers.

Comment by Radek Hradil
I really liked the last Jelly – co-working atmosphere at its best. Friendly environment, undisturbed working, nice conversations and
*fantastic* capuccino.

Comment by Andrew Power
Jelly is a great way to meet other freelancers and get a little work done. There’s a good balance of different skill sets to draw from for advice, while the informal business seminars always have a brisk exchange of ideas and experience. And the cafe’s friendly and has good coffee!

Comment by Jana Forsythová
I really enjoyed Jelly (n.4), friendly atmosphere, nice place, people working away and still having some time to help each other or get to know each other a bit… The afternoon presentation was great too.  I got the work done that I wanted and it was fun. I will certainly try come again if I can make it. Thanks David :)

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